Commercial-scale advanced bioethanol plants in the world

The advanced biorefining technologies where cellulosic residues are turned into bioethanol have reach a point where they are ready for commercialization – especially among Danish companies working in this area. The first commercial-scale plants have been build and there are more to come. The map shows the commeral-scale already build and those which are planned to be established in the next few years. The map will be continuously updated and if one has additions or changes please feel free to contact Head of Communication Julie Søgaard.

BioRefining Alliance at EU BC&E 2013

BioRefining Alliance’s participation in European Biomass Conference and Exhibition – EU BC&E 2013 – was a succes. Many participants were very interested in hearing about who we are and what our mission is. In this theme you can watch pictures and hear one of director Anne Grete Holmsgaard’s speaks during the event.