INNO+: Advanced bioeconomy as innovation platform

30.09.2013, News

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education has just published its INNO+ catalogue, where it has appointed 21 focus areas for strategic investments in innovation. Advanced bioeconomy is one of them under the headline From Plant Residue to High Value.

Advanced bioeconomy is one of the focus areas which according to the government has special business and research prerequisites in order to contribute to the solutions of important Danish and Global societal challenges and to create growth and jobs.

The focus areas are collected in a catalogue called INNO+ The Innovative Denmark where The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education go through the possibilities in the specific areas and what is needed in order to create growth and jobs in these areas.

In the catalogue advanced biorefining is described as a broad, technological platform where it is possible to convert and upgrade biomass through biological, thermal, mechanical and/or chemical processes to biobased products and bioenergy.

 - The many opportunities within biorefining mean that the government doesn't have to 'pick the winner' in advanced bioeconomy due to the fact that it not only covers a range of technologies but also a wide range of business areas and job functions, Director of BioRefining Alliance, Anne Grete Holmsgaard, says.  

Additionally, an establishment of a biorefinery which can convert plant residues and grass is in the catalogue described as an essential requirement for the production of biobased high-value products and that it also will have an impact on the future development of business opportunities.

 - It is really good that the government points towards the need for building a full scale production if advanced bioeconomy shall be able to create new jobs and a platform for additional innovation which again can lead to new high-value products, Anne Grete Holmsgaard says.

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