Good compromise but obstruction for further negotiation

12.09.2013, Press releases

Wednesday a majority in the European Parliament voted for a very good compromise "package" regarding biofuels:

Based on the European 10 percent target for renewable energy in the transport sector the parliament agreed on a 2.5 percent target for advanced 2nd generation biofuels (2G*) and a 6 percent cap on 1st generation biofuels (1G) plus ILUC* demands from 2020.

From our point of view the support for a separate target for 2G is an important step. It is exactly what the investors need in order to start investing in advanced biorefineries and to push a new green industry forward in Europe.  

But then - unfortunately - the European Parliament lost its courage and the rapporteur (French Corinne Lepage) was denied (by a majority of just 1) to move on and negotiate with the Council and Commission.

This means there is a considerable risk not landing a final compromise before the end of this EP election period which is May 2014.

Therefore, it is crucial that the governments of the member countries stand up and get started so we don't end up in a situation where have to begin the process all over again.


*2G biofuels are produced from farming, forestry and industry residues such as straw.

**ILUC stands for Indirect Land Use Change and means that indirect CO2  emissions has to be considered when calculating GHG emissions from a certain biofuel. An example: A forest is removed and transformed into farmland. The new crop is oil palms from which it is possible to make biofuels.   

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