Norwegian debate book: From black to green 'carbons'

04.09.2013, News

Director Anne Grete Holmsgaard and Head of Innovation and Communication Julie Søgaard have written an article for a Norwegian debate book, which focuses on Norway's potentials in advanced bioeconomy. The book was published on the 27th of August and is meant as an input to the Norwegian public debate prior to the national parliament election on the 9th of September.    

Photo: Forlaget Xenophon.

 "While our nordic neighbours and the Worlds large economies systematically develope strategies to reduce their demand for oil, coal and gas - or 'black carbons' - investments in the Norwegian oil sector are bigger than ever followed by an increased oil dependancy in the general Norwegian public."

This is how the publisher Jon Bingen introduce the book Fra Sorte til Grønne Karboner (From Black to Green Carbons). The book presents sustainable alternatives to crude oil which can not only improve Norway's climate profile but also create growth and jobs in other sectors - as group called bioeconomy.

Under the headline Nordic countries should go for advanced bioeconomy - before it is too late Anne Grete Holmsgaard and Julie Søgaard review the Danish experiences and potentials for both Norway and Denmark within advanced bioeconomy.

You can buy the book in Norwegian here