Biorefining is much more than biofuels

24.09.2012, News

According to a new report the markets for advanced biomaterials and bioproducts will grow fast the coming years. Therefore, Denmark must seize the chance to become a central player on these markets, director of BioRefining Alliance, Anne Grete Holmsgaard, says.

Most of us connect biorefining with biofuels, and when it comes to volume biofules will be the engine in the conversion from the fossilbased society to the biobased society:
- But a glimpse in to the future shows us a picture of more and more advanced biomaterials as alternatives to materials and products made from fossil oil, director of BioRefining Alliance, Anne Grete Holmsgaard says.  
A new report from Quartz+Co (in Danish) shows that advanced biomaterials and bioproducts such as bioplastic, chemicals, packaging, building materials, cosmetics etc. also have big growth potentials in Denmark.  
- The development of this area is still in its early stages, but the report stress that the markets are growing. This opens some important possibilities for Danish innovation and productions. Possibilities we should seize now before its too late, Anne Grete Holmsgaard says.