The biobased society is a corner stone in the green conversion

05.10.2012, Press releases

In the report 'Sustainable growth with less resources' The Business Panel for Green Conversion has presented nine recommendations which can promote Denmark as a society of green knowledge and production.  

- The panel has emphazised some of the most important challenges the coming years including how we in a sustainable way can find our way out of our oil dependency - and it recommends a sector for biorefining as one of the solutions, director of BioRefining Alliance, Anne Grete Holmsgaard, says. 

Read the recommendations (in Danish) here

According to the report sustainable use of bioresources is "a central part of a future sustainable growth community

Therefore, one of the recommendations is the following:

"Denmark shall support an intelligent development and implementation of the biobased society: bioresources are a part of the future fossil free society and Denmark has the right skills to make bioresources and the whole biorefining proces in to a sustainable growth opportunity. In order to make that happen a strategic approach to the bioresources are needed to ensure that the biomass will be use in the most intelligent way." 

- Biorefining is according to the panel not only a part of the future fossil free society, but also an area of growth opportunities. I am pleased that the panel has stressed this connection, Anne Grete Holmsgaard says.