Interview with EU Commission director Maive Rute

27.03.2012, News

Director in the EU Commission Directorate for Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food, Maive Rute, plays an important role in the European transition towards a biobased economy. BioRefining Alliance has interviewed her. 

It was during the conference Bioeconomy in Action from the 26th to the 28th of March, the Head of Innovation and Communication in BioRefining Alliance, Julie Søgaard, had the chance to interview Director Maive Rute from the Directorate for Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food. The directorate is a part of the Directorate General for Research & Innovation in the European Commission.  

Maive Rute answered questions about the work and European goals for bioeconomy. Watch the first question in the media player below and follow these links to watch the rest:

What are the main obstacles in moving towards a biobased economy?

Which European countries are now taking serious steps towards a biobased economy?

A longer interview with Maive Rute can be watched here:

Interview with Maive Rute

What are the European goals for bioeconomy?